Friday, January 1, 2016


Hey Everyone!!!


I've waited just to post on today and not on this past Wednesday, just to say Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!

This past week, not much quilty stuff going on because I had to work on the Bylaws for the Jordan's Smile Foundation (JSF).  I will definitely be sharing more with you once JSF is legally incorporated (Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks!)

After working on our bed, Wanda's and Nona's quilts, Cameron and I gave the studio a good cleaning.  Oh, my goodness, it was super dusty from just those 3 quilts.  Cameron and I had a "Sneeze Attack" going on.  I will sneeze and she would sneeze louder.  She would cough and my cough would be much harder.  It got to be quite hilarious.  I eventually had to make her leave, because of the possibility of setting off her asthma.  It has been awhile since she had any issues with asthma, and I didn't want her to just because SHE wanted to be in my studio!

I did finish the binding on our super-sized, king size bed quilt and created these two cute pillows to match:

I generally, don't like making resolutions because I never keep them.  I really do have good intentions, but I somehow, I'd either forget or just plain quit!

This year, my anthem is to, "Smile and Pray more; Cry and fear less!"

I will be more adventurous!  I have planned a once a year trip, just to go and meet my quilting friends from online. This will not just a meet and greet.  It would be a great experience and the sole purpose would be is to get private lessons on FMQ.  On the inside of me, I truly believe that there is an awesome FMQ'er and she is ready to come out and be who she was called to be.  I no longer want to be limited to just doing pantographs.  The funny part, is I have all kinds of books, Craftsy classes and videos on how to do the designs, but for some reason it is not connecting with my brain and hands.  I believe it is because I don't have that person right in front of me for immediate correction.  I am confident with stippling/meandering with a medium quilt-sized scale.  Up first will be the basic swirl.  Once I master it, I will move on to more advanced swirls (i.e. swirl flowers, spirals, and dense swirls.)  As I go along I will share my progress.  Yep, this year, I will take you guys along with me and I practice and maybe even struggle with FMQ.

We all had to start from somewhere. I don't think I know of any quilter that on their first attempt at FMQ that their quilts came out FLAWLESS!  We all have to practice, practice and practice some more.  When it comes to handmade crafts and perfection, well, lets just say, they should never be in the same sentence.  Just as, I and perfection should never be.  They are oxymoron's, IMO!  We are not perfect and nothing we do ever will, so I am purposely choosing the concept of #PrettyDangCloseInMyEyes this year!

My #PrettyDangCloseInMyEyes view of my first attempt at FMQing Swirls in almost 2 years:


Well, today I have absolutely nothing to do or no place to go.  It will be a day filled with sleeping, eating and maybe, just maybe some quilting.  I really do need the rest and I plan on getting!

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for me and Blessed 2 Quilt.  What concept are you purposely choosing for 2016? 

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