Saturday, December 26, 2015

What a Week

Hey Everyone!!!

I pray all is well in your world!!  I had a very good holiday, no craziness, just some good ole fashioned music, fun, memories and food.

I was super excited about this week, just about having a couple of days off from work.  I felt, as if many suspected, to be super emotional and boy oh boy I was.  I think I was the entire month, hence not shopping for anyone until 2-5 am Christmas Eve.  Once I was out and about I was good, but we sat down to eat at IHOP and here came the rest of the emotions.  We got home around 5:30, I took a good nap and was ready for round two around 10am finally finishing up at 1:30!  Came home to wrap all the goodies and finish preparing for #BDSI.

This week I delivered Nona's quilt, in her words, "It is beautiful.  So much better than I would've done lol and better than imagined."


Now, until my next customer, I can work on a couple of my own projects.  Stay tuned for tweets, IG and FB pics on my next couple of projects for the #BDSI

Well, as soon as I finished getting my pedi, off to quilting I go.  Yes, SI can't start without one, lol.  They don't call me the Quilt Diva for nothing! 😉

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