Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Black Friday and Wanda's Quilt

Hey everyone!!!  We survived our first Thanksgiving without our Jordan.  Tears of joy and happiness were shed, food was ate, and I got plumb-er!!! 😊

On Black Friday, I had to work.  The only shopping I did on this day was for myself, ONLINE!  I stocked up on batting. There are two batting brands that I absolutely love, Quilters Dream and Pellon.  I already have several packages of Quilters Dream batting, but needed more of the Pellon.  So I purchased (2) 9 yard bolts of batting from Walmart, one being Pellon Natural Cotton, 100% Cotton and the other Pellon Natural Blend 80/20.

In my last post I told you that I would be working on my friend, Wanda's quilt for #BFSI.  Tension issues struck again, so I thought.  For the longest time, I thought I was having problems with the tension, but I really wasn't.  On the back of the quilt were tiny white dots.  These dots were from my top thread peeking thru.  No matter how I adjusted the top thread or bobbin thread it would always pull to either the top of the quilt or bottom of the quilt. It got so bad that when I tested it on my tester fabric, everything looked beautiful.  When I started on the quilt, this is when I would see the dots.  I consulted my expert quilter friends (Twilters and IG'ers) and found that it was ALWAYS best to use only one thread color for both the top and bobbin.  This would save me many hours from picking out stitches to me keeping my sanity.  Sooo, it wasn't really a tension issue afterall, it was my lack of knowledge about using thread two different thread colors.  I did get lucky tho, If you follow me on Twitter and IG, I showed a pic of one spot on the quilt that the bobbin color came to the top. I was warring if I should pick it out or leave it be.  My family members could not see it, only when I pointed it out to them and when I took the picture.  Once I took the quilt off the frame and allowed the quilt to relax, I couldn't find the spot again.  In retrospect, the only thing I really had the most difficulty with was picking out the pantograph.  I can easily pick for myself, but to do it for someone else is nerve wrecking (It's almost just as bad as having tension issues!) Wanda did leave it to my discretion as to which quilt design to choose.  I knew the recipient of the quilt was a female, the quilt had bold orange chevrons against a white on white print fabric.  I didn't want to choose a design that would take away from the chevrons.  The white fabric had printed swirls and flowers. I didn't want anything floral because it would compete with the bold chevrons, so it had to be more swirls than anything.  I used the closest pantograph I had that would deliver femininity and swirls.  Again, I went with Breath of the Gods from Urban Elementz.  This quilt came out beautiful and I am super happy with it!!!  Now, I happen to run into her husband on yesterday and showed him the quilt, he said, "Dang Stephanie, this is beautiful.  Wanda is going to love this!"  This, coming from a man who has sewn clothing and has sewn/mended orthotics and prosthetic accessories for the past 20+ years.  So, this truly meant a lot to me to hear his compliment.  Here is Wanda's orange and white quilt:

This is all I did for #BFSI, what did you do?

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