Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Work In Process

Hey Everyone!!!

This past week has been jammed packed full of festive activities, shopping, working, and of course some quilting.  I have put in many long and late hours working both my full time job and Nona's quilt.

I knew I would have some dilemmas with this quilt, so I will not harbor on anything negative.  I can testify as to what I stated last week - I AM TRULY WORKING OUTSIDE OF MY NORM and it's ALL GOOD!!!  I am having to think differently and figure things out as best as I can to make this quilt everything I had envisioned.

From this pile:

I created this layout:

Bottom section completed:

I had to rework the top half of the quilt, and in my opinion, it's coming out beautifully.  Tonight is a church night, so I will not be able to do anything this evening.  I plan to have it loaded on Ava by Friday bedtime.  This way I can quilt it Saturday and start the binding process Sunday and have her ready for delivery on Dec. 23rd.  A picture of the completed quilt will shared next week.

I placed a couple of orders for rulers and some retired pantographs so I will be able to share those with you next week!

Well, this is it for today ---


  1. Great progress!

    Where did you order your pantographs from?

    1. Jackie, so sorry for the delay. I order them from Urban Elementz.