Wednesday, November 18, 2015


HIP, HIP HOORAY!!!  I finished quilting my king sized quilt, my first, in 11 months!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Overall, I found it exhilarating!!!  I'm very proud of myself and look forward to the many more I will quilt in the future.  Once I got my tension issues straightened out (I will explain later in the post), I was good to go.  I believe it had everything to do with me using 2 different threads and a flannel backing.  For the bobbin thread, I used Bobbin Line by Fil-Tec:


For the top thread, I used Glide by Fil-Tec:


I realized that I didn't give myself proper spacing behind my quilting frame.  I had to stand a little to the left of my machine in order for me to quilt each pass.  This was because the machine head would not extend all the way to the back.  What a bummer!!!πŸ˜” I also noticed in certain places my machine did a shimmy dance, it got worse with each pass.  We tried tightening and loosening the tracks, but to no avail.  In order for me to have peace of mind, my dealer will have to come and make the necessary adjustments.  (After the holidays of course!) πŸ˜‰ 
As expected, tension, Tension, TENSION was an issue.  On my first quilt back, I should have never started out with two different thread weights and a flannel backing.  I did practice on my scrap fabric for about 30-40 minutes before I achieved an exceptable tension.  I got started with a previously used wound bobbin, no trouble at with tension.  Once it ran out, replaced with a new bobbin, I started going, snap went my thread.  I looked at the stitches and they were all way loose.  After another 30-40 minutes, I finally got it.  Half way down the quilt, snap.  What now?!?  Some how my threads shredded and tangled up.  I fixed the problem and went to bed.  Next day not one problem.  I think Ava was sleepy too!  Then when this bobbin was empty, I changed the bobbin (Of course) and guess what, no tension issues!!!😊

The starter pass felt awkward, but that's like that for me every time I start a quilt.  After my second full pass, I started to feel more comfortable with the pantograph.  I was able to speed up just a little bit.  I found wearing earbuds and really comfy clothes relaxing.  I listened to a Pandora gospel station and jammed all the way.  My next goal is to download Christian books so I can listen to them as well.

Below is the finished top, I have yet to bind it.                                            

Sandy, from, mentioned that the #BFSI is a go!  I refuse to go shopping, tomorrow for anything Christmas related.  Unfortunately, I do have to go to Walmart first thing in the morning to get a booster seat for my daughter (Hers was destroyed in the car accident) so we can travel to my God-Mothers house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  On Black Friday, I have to work half a day.  I plan on going to Joann/Hancock to get batting and Pellon stabilizer and that's it!  Then, home I go to start on my first 2015 commissioned quilt.  Recently, Wanda, my friend just started quilting and she choose me to be her long arm quilter.  Isn't this orange and white twin size quilt a cutie:                                                   
Well, I guess I better hit the sack.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so from my family to yours, have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful Stephanie! I really enjoy hearing about your long arm process. Hopefully there is one in my future and I love that you are sharing your experiences.