Saturday, November 7, 2015

Moved In

Hey Everyone!

EEK, my studio is almost done!!!  I still have work to do, but I wanted to share with you what I have done so far.   I'm smiling from ear to ear because of our progress.  Please know I am not bragging in any way, shape or form - I just wanted to share something I've been wanting and working toward for quite some time.  ☺️

The first thing we did prior to anything being moved in was pray.  My husband and I walked over ever inch of this room and prayed.  Praying brings me balance and peace.  In my studio, I spend quite a bit of my time talking with God while using the gift He has blessed me with.  

The new studio space is a little shy of 200 square feet, yes it's quite petite for a quilting space with a longarm.  So I had to be creative in the things that I purchased for my new space, reused from my old space and the items we repurposed.

First, we brought in all of wall hangings.  After everything was up, I felt something was still missing.  I decided to get some shelves to go above my sewing table.  This way, I can bring in more color to balance against the buff  colored walls.

Next we brought in Ava, my Handi Quilter Avante.  My husband and I tossed the buck back and forth as to who would put her back together.  We assembled her ourselves the first time, not really that hard to do.  I remember, It took us a LONG time getting her leveled and balanced.  In fact, I'm still not sure we got it right because in the middle of the frame I felt tension and then a push.  While quilting, I tried to adjust my speed when approaching this area, but it would ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS mess up the quilting some in that area.   We tried many remedies to get rid of this "Tension push," but all to no avail.  I didn't want this to happen this time around.  I called to see what the charge would be to come the almost 2 hours to set Ava up and to make sure she is running on the frame properly and functioning as she should be - $300.00 😱!!!  Not bad, I guess.  I'm just not wanting to give up my play money to do it.  My husband assured me that he had faith in us and that we were capable of doing it.  He also said, that if by chance we couldn't, he would gladly pay ☺️ for our dealer to come out and level and balance her.  It was much easier putting her up this time around and we had no real problems balancing and leveling her.  I had to reorder black tracks for the track support.  Because originally I had cut them to fit the 8'ft frame.  Black tracks must be one continuous piece, therefore the ones I used before will not work on the 12'ft frame.  I also had to purchase leaders, I splurged for the super leaders.  The original leaders (That come with the machine) were all the same size.  When it came to pinning my backing to the top back pole, I would always end up having a really bad back ache.  I hope to alleviate some of this pain with the super leader.  The back leader is twice the width of the other two leaders which keeps me from bending over as much in an uncomfortable position while pinning. 

Next we put up 8" ft fluorescent daylights, it is super bright, just the way I like it!!!  We took down the ceiling fan, I hope I don't regret making this decision.  I guess if push comes to shove, I will bring in an oscillating floor fan to help keep me cool.  I still might have to get a bendable light for my sewing machine area, but I'm not sure as of this writing.  Once I sit down to sew, I can get a better gauge if one is needed.

Then we brought in the side kick to my sewing table, the Linnmon/Adils by IKEA.  Nothing special, just needed a table to help support quilt tops as I make them.

 I plan on not putting a tv back in my studio.  This is a big distraction for me.  For now, I will settle with my iPad for music and to listen to podcast.  The white cabinet which my tv sat upon in my old studio, I repurposed as a small 20" X 24" ironing station.  I am so pleased with how well it turned out.  Larger strips and yards of fabric will have to be ironed on our home ironing board.

I changed my mind about getting the Gidget II, I chose the Ingo table from IKEA instead.  I got more table for much less, even though I had to create the floating shelf myself.  I gave my husband and my friend David the instructions if found here on Pinterest. It was a fun project not only to watch, but to also lend a hand every now and then.  Actually, David's wife just started quilting and she and I disappeared to talk quilty, she even asked me to be her longarm quilter! 😊 I can honestly say, I think this was my favorite DIY project to date.

My closet contained the same contents as my other closet, so nothing exciting to tell about that.

I still have to get 3 small cabinets that will fit under my frame and 1 to go next to my sewing table.  My current ones were damaged when they were moved to storage, so I don't want to keep moving them and risk my stuff falling out everywhere or worse, getting damaged from falling.  So, I will bring this stuff in from storage as I acquire the cabinets.

Well, I think that's about it, and I kept you all from quilting long enough.  I hope you all enjoy my studio tour pics below: 


Now, I can slowly gain my footing and get back to doing what my I was born to do - Quilt!!!


  1. Your set-up looks great. Hope you have many hours of happy, peaceful quilting there!

  2. Yeah for progress and pictures! How exciting. I am also one that spends a lot of time with God when I am in my sewing room. A safe and wonderful haven for me that I use for His glory. Many blessings on you and the times you'll spend in there.

    1. Thank you Jackie and many blessings to you as well!

  3. Your studio looks fantastic! I think you will love the light - I'm always craving more in my area. I know you will have so much fun in there!

    1. Shari - I LOVE THE LIGHTS!!! At first I was unsure, but now...I will never go with just a ceiling fan & light again. I find that my eyes are less tired now and that I can sit in my space longer.

  4. It looks wonderful! I am so happy for you! When I first got my Avante, I debated about setting it up at 8 feet or going the full 12. I am so glad I went the whole 12 feet. You will love this!

    1. Katy- I wish I would have thought to switch rooms earlier, I love my full frame being up!!!