Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Long Time Coming

Hey Everyone!!!  It has been over a year since my last post, wow!!!  Time really does fly, but I wasn't having much fun.  Before I get into anything quilty, I want to say thank you to all of my Twilter family.  This past year has been very hard and the past 6 months even harder.  I can't express to each of you how much it has meant to me that when my life was upside down you were there to spin me back around!!!  Your prayers, thoughts, tweets, private messages, cards and the quilt will never be forgotten. 

Jordan would have loved your quilt.  Everyone loved it, especially me!!!  We were away from home the day the box arrived.  A'jay (My son) brought the box in from the porch with much excitement.  He and Cameron had been receiving all kinds of packages from friends and family.  So, he naturally assumed it was for them, but addressed to me.  When I saw the return address I started crying and I wouldn't let him open it.  He was concerned and confused, but still anxious about wanting to open the box.  I got myself together and finally let him open it.  Our jaws hit the floor!  He immediately wrapped himself in it, and claimed it for himself 😐.  I gave him about five minutes with it, and then had to go and confiscate it from him.  As I reached for the quilt, our eyes glanced down at the same time and saw the label.  He kept screaming, "OMG mama, OMG!"  He looked at me and I thought I was about to start talking, but instead I started with the "Ugly cry!"  I absolutely love this quilt and haven't slept from under it since I've gotten it!  For those of you who haven't seen it or those who want to see it again, isn't it beautiful?


I haven't done much of anything in my studio lately.  About a month ago, I attempted to make a wallet:


I have yet to sew on the snap and use this cutie.  Ms. Lottie/Madquiltlady from Twitter and I worked virtually on this wallet.  It wasn't the easiest pattern to follow, but with her help, Twilters and Joann employees I managed to get it done!

My husband and I recently decided that we are staying in our home.  We were both wanting to move, but now I have mixed feelings about this, even though in my heart this what I really wanted.  I would love to move to a bigger home out in the country so that I could have my quilt studio above the garage, in the garage or in a detached workshop.  I rather stay for now because of the vivid memories I have of our daughter Jordan in this house.  With staying here I opted out of putting a barn/shed out back for my studio.  I don't have the clientele to support the expense of having one.  Nor, did I want to give up my monthly "play money" - I HAVE MY PRIORITIES! ☺️ So, I did the next best thing - I kicked my son out of his room. Yep, I sure did!  This way I could put up my entire 12' frame for my HQ Avante.  I will still be cramped, but at least more spread out.  My son will be getting what was the girls room with a private 1/2 bathroom. So, no need to feel sorry for him.  We will paint his room the same color as our bedroom, Valspar Palliside Blue.  Cameron will be moving into my current quilt studio, we have yet to decide what color her room will be. This was the color (Can't recall name) of my son's room:


This is the room now, painted Valspar Homestead Resort Buff:


I hope this color will not distort the fabric colors as did the orange walls I had originally in my studio.  My studio will also be getting new doors, lights and blinds after we are finished with the floors.  The floors (Thru out our home) will be sanded, stained (A warmer color) and polyurethaned this coming week.  Meaning we will be displaced for a whole week 😭.  And the last of the changes will be new sewing furniture.  It was very hard to sew on my old setup, not quilter friendly at all.  I was constantly getting shoulder pain and fatigued when I sewed.  After much research, I purchased this table from IKEA:


It's the Linnmon/Adils table.  It will be slightly taller than my new quilting table:


the Arrow, Gidget II.  Due to my small space, I had to be creative in selecting furniture.  I think these tables would work quite well together.  I'm sure the 7/8" difference is not enough to cause any problems for the "L" shaped design I'm envisioning.
Eventually, I will be replacing the 3 plastic bins under my longarm with 2 - 3 of these Alex drawers by IKEA:

It will look more pleasing to my eye to have these instead of the broken plastic bins I currently have.  

Well, I think this is all I have to share on my first post back.  I look forward to keeping you guys posted in the near future of my new studio and quilty adventures.

Until then, be blessed and quilt!