Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's Been A Minute

Life has taken a hard toll on our family in the past 9 months.  But thank God, we have managed to stand even after we've been knocked down!  I would like to thank each and everyone of you for keeping us in your thoughts & prayers, it truly meant a lot to me!

I am so excited about being able to blog again.  I know that I've lost my blogging and podcasting rhythm, but give me a minute, I plan on hitting the ground full speed!

Today, I will keep it short and sweet - because I still have to find my footing.

This past weekend our family traveled to Cary, NC.  We made a couple of stops, but my favorite two stops were to Cary Quilting Company and The Pet Pad!

I am on the fence about my trip to this quilt shop.  I will reserve my judgement on them for now, but I will return one day and then be able to give a full and fair review.  I can say that the customer service was really good.  At first, I wasn't sure.  I walked all the way thru the store before being greeted.  Then I heard this voice, not sure why, but it made me smile.  She had happiness flowing all thru her and I can tell that whatever I wanted she was going to make sure I got!  She was so genuine and it showed!  Her name was Christine.  So, kudos to her!  I really did watch my purse while shopping at the Cary Quilting Company, I didn't have anything in mind to purchase so I only got a couple of things.  I couldn't stay in the shop long because I had my family and 2 month old baby in the car.  So for my short quilt shop haul, I got:

Wonder Clips. I have not used these clips before, but I have seen them out on YouTube, Instagram and Blogland and I think that I would love using these little babies!

I saw this sign and instantly thought of my friend, Tissany.  She has given me the nick name Diva.  So, I just had to get it!!!

I also had to get this one!

That is for my haul, I am so proud of myself!!!

Well, I told you that we went to The Pet Pad and that we had our 2 month old baby in the car.  He is the real reason why I couldn't stay long in the quilt shop.  Everyone please welcome Benson to our family!

He is a Zuchon (Shih Tzu and Bishon).  He is such a cutie and sooo spunky!  I look forward to telling you all of the test and trials that he will most definitely put us thru!

I am still working on this baby right here: 

I hope to finish it this week.  It was half way finished before I realized that I hated just about every stitch.  It took approximately 1 - 1 1/2 weeks to remove all of the stitches.  This is what happens when you choose the perfect pantograph and then decide to go with another one!  I decided to go back to my first choice.  I pray that it will go a whole lot smoother!