Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Charity Quilt

Hi, everyone!!!

The past several weeks I have had been busy piecing.  I finished the King size quilt top for our future king size bed!  As I stated before, I started this quilt way back in Nov' 13.  I lost the pattern and had to piece from memory.  The saving grace was that I had all the pieces cut and a sample design sketched out on paper.  I was pretty bummed, but this gave way for me to be a little creative.  As I neared the end, literally the last two side borders, I just so happened to be going thru my pics on my cellphone and what did I see - a picture of the pattern, I was so excited!!!  My memory did not fail me much...the only thing that was different were the middle and outer border sizes.  I was not going to cry about this, not at all!!!   I have no pictures of the top completely opened, this is primarily due to the crazy rainy weather we've been having, but I do have a pic of it folded:

I didn't take a break, I went right on to the next quilt, a charity quilt.  It's for one our Sick and Shut In members at church, the only male.  When I saw this pattern, I knew that this was the one.  

Rock Creek, by Jean Nolte.  It is in the Spring 2014 issue of Quilting Quickly.  I thought this would be a great masculine quilt, keeping with the colors blue and neutral.  Of course, I don't have much of a stash, so I had to shopping.  I went to Cotton Fields Quilt Shop to see Lori.  I came away with these babies:

I was excited to get started:


Hadn't worked with HST's in awhile.  So the thought of having to match points was, let's just say nerve wrecking!!!

I put them all together and realized I didn't get enough fabric, that is SO, SO the story of my life!!! Then, I remembered that he (the recipient) is wheelchair bound and that a 4 x 4 grid would be very generous!!!

Time to start creating the rows:

Looking good, right?!?  I thought so, anyway. :o)

Then to:

And before, I knew it - I was done with the top, WOOP WOOP!!!

Now, to quilt as desired!  Ha, that is a joke!!!  I love how Jean quilted hers, but I'm not there on ruler work quilting...not even close.  So, I'm thinking about a geometric meandor.  Now, just to find one that is do-able and newbie friendly!

Loaded, without a design - so, so, so sad!!!

Well, this what I have been up to quilty wise.  What are you up to?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Quilt on the Way and Charity Quilts

Hey all!!!  I pray that everyone has had a great start to the week.  This past weekend, I had finished working on this baby:



I Mailed her off this past Saturday to my great niece.  I hope she loves it, I'm sure she will!!! 😍😊😍

I have purchased the book:  How to Make a Too Cool T-Shirt Quilt along with the templates by Andrea T. Funk.  Love, love, love it!!!


I'm looking forward to making my first Too Cool T-Shirt with these T-shirts (I still have about 6 to get!)


Can you guess the theme?  Yes, ECU Pirates!!!  I live in the heart of this college town and it truly bleeds purple and gold!  So, I decided to jump in on the band wagon.  My son plans to transfer over to ECU after he completes 2 years at Pitt County Community College.  I'm so very proud of him!!!  I look forward to walking around and saying, "Urgggghh!"  This will be one of my sample size T-shirt quilts.  I plan on making at least 3-4 of them to use to set up at vendor booths (one day! 😉)

I'm currently working on this quilt that I had started way back in November when my daughter was in the hospital.  


I will not be able to quilt it on my frame until I can expand it to 12', hopefully that will be soon!  Yesterday, I finished sewing all of the rows.  Today, I pressed the rows and hopefully tomorrow, I can cut and sew the sashing strips together.  I hope to finish putting this quilt together by Sunday.

Lastly, I have been working on several things that are on my bucketlist.  One of the things from my list is to learn to FMQ.  I want to get at least 3 designs under my belt before the end of 2014.  Well, what better way to achieve this other than by making charity quilts!!!   I want to work with a smaller organization that doesn't get much attention, but would love someone to help with their quilts.  My pastor had been telling us the importance of using our gifts and especially using them for the Kingdom.  I put in a request to make quilts for our sick and shut in members.  Guess what, it was APPROVED!!!  I'm sooo excited and truly honored to start working with our Personal Touch Ministry.  This is truly an area for our crafty members to excel and offer great things not only to our members, but to our community and to the many different outreach programs.  I'm still looking for a small organization to do some quilting for that wouldn't mind a newbies not so perfect quilt designs.  My plan is to now check into our local animal shelter and some other local organizations before I make up my mind as to which one I will commit to for the rest of the year.

Well, I think that is about it for now...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life, Quilting and Changes!

How easy is it for you to adapt to changes?  In the past few weeks there have been several changes in our lives.  Some I adapted to fairly and others, well let's just say I'm a work in progress!

Let's go back a month right after I ripped out all of the stitches on the quilt I showed in the last post.  My machine was skipping stitches and it was getting worse by the row.  The first row one skipped stitch.  I Thought okay, I can live with that.  The second row maybe three, I thought once I wash the quilt I wouldn't be able to find them.  When I got to the third row there were about 20 skipped stitches!  The back was hideous looking.  I was not about to put my name on that mess!!!  TENSION, TENSION, TENSION!  By this time I was developing a tension headache!  :o)  Why did I continue after seeing the first skipped stitch is beyond me, I guess I was hoping for a miracle!!!  Trust me when I say, I have learned my lesson and a little something about tension.  YouTube and my HQ dealer gave me great tension tips and I was able to complete the quilt with success this past Friday.



           Isn't she a cutie?

We, all except my son, went to Disney on May 11-17th.  This was courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation fulfilling my youngest daughter's wish.  We had a ball!!!  

 The girls up close and personal with the fishes!

My son and the rest of HYPE (Step Team)  was supposed to go back to New York to compete on America's Got Talent, however, even tho the received all yes' and a standing ovation, they were not selected to continue to the next round.  So he was home alone and only He and God knows what he was up to.  I know prayer and being saintly probably was the last thing on his mind!   His hormones are raging and he's driving me nuts - he has more mood swings than 10 severely PMS'ing women!!! Many say it will get better, but better -better hurry up and get here!!! (ijs)

We had end of school year test week during the first week of June and that was very stressful...many sleepless nights.

June 7, we brought home Benson!  He is doing quite well and is truly loved, except when he decides to go in my quilt room and take a dump on the floor.  That's when he is introduced to the newspaper.

  Naughty, naughty, naughty Benson!

On June 13th, my son turned 18 on and then graduated that Saturday morning!  What an emotional roller coaster!  There were 371 graduates.  It was an emotional ceremony, a lot of tears from the students and parents.  I thought I was the only one going thru with a child who didn't know what his plans were prior to graduating.  I was not alone, there were many.  You could literally see the look of terror in these kids faces and the fear of the unknown actually paralyzed some of these children to the point of breakdowns.  My son has been struggling with the same issues.  With God, I know that everything will be okay.  I am super proud of him!!!


Sunday  June 15, the girls left for a week to attend Camp Hope.  It is a special camp for children who are fighting serious illnesses.  The girls have such a great time and they feel save because they have their doctors and nurses there with them.  What a wonderful break for me and my DH!!!  Because I don't have everyone's permission, I can't share their cute pics!!!  :0(

Well, I started piecing the back to the last of my 2013 Christmas quilts.  

  This is the top for the last of the 2013 Christmas quilts.

This quilt is for another one of my nieces.   I will actually do some FMQ'ing on this quilt.  I will be attempting swirls and poppies that I learned from Natalia Bonner's book Beginner's Guide to Free Motion Quilting.  I will show pics next week of my progress.

So, yes there has been a lot of changes in my life, but one thing remained constant - God!!!  I believe He kept me sane thru the past 9 or so months.  I leaned on Him and trusted Him to steer and guide me.  There were times I turned and tried to lead myself, but found out that I suck at leading my own life!!!  He's always here with me and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!  So, I dare you to trust God with the many changes you may face - I promise you, you will enjoy the scenery from the passenger's side!!!

Well, I guess that is about it and Current as of this week! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's Been A Minute

Life has taken a hard toll on our family in the past 9 months.  But thank God, we have managed to stand even after we've been knocked down!  I would like to thank each and everyone of you for keeping us in your thoughts & prayers, it truly meant a lot to me!

I am so excited about being able to blog again.  I know that I've lost my blogging and podcasting rhythm, but give me a minute, I plan on hitting the ground full speed!

Today, I will keep it short and sweet - because I still have to find my footing.

This past weekend our family traveled to Cary, NC.  We made a couple of stops, but my favorite two stops were to Cary Quilting Company and The Pet Pad!

I am on the fence about my trip to this quilt shop.  I will reserve my judgement on them for now, but I will return one day and then be able to give a full and fair review.  I can say that the customer service was really good.  At first, I wasn't sure.  I walked all the way thru the store before being greeted.  Then I heard this voice, not sure why, but it made me smile.  She had happiness flowing all thru her and I can tell that whatever I wanted she was going to make sure I got!  She was so genuine and it showed!  Her name was Christine.  So, kudos to her!  I really did watch my purse while shopping at the Cary Quilting Company, I didn't have anything in mind to purchase so I only got a couple of things.  I couldn't stay in the shop long because I had my family and 2 month old baby in the car.  So for my short quilt shop haul, I got:

Wonder Clips. I have not used these clips before, but I have seen them out on YouTube, Instagram and Blogland and I think that I would love using these little babies!

I saw this sign and instantly thought of my friend, Tissany.  She has given me the nick name Diva.  So, I just had to get it!!!

I also had to get this one!

That is for my haul, I am so proud of myself!!!

Well, I told you that we went to The Pet Pad and that we had our 2 month old baby in the car.  He is the real reason why I couldn't stay long in the quilt shop.  Everyone please welcome Benson to our family!

He is a Zuchon (Shih Tzu and Bishon).  He is such a cutie and sooo spunky!  I look forward to telling you all of the test and trials that he will most definitely put us thru!

I am still working on this baby right here: 

I hope to finish it this week.  It was half way finished before I realized that I hated just about every stitch.  It took approximately 1 - 1 1/2 weeks to remove all of the stitches.  This is what happens when you choose the perfect pantograph and then decide to go with another one!  I decided to go back to my first choice.  I pray that it will go a whole lot smoother!