Friday, September 6, 2013

The Making of My Inspirational T-Shirt Quilt and a GIVEAWAY Announcement

If you are following me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER or maybe you've listened to my PODCAST you would know that I had been working on a T-Shirt quilt.  (Shameful plugs - just wanting to let you know where I hangout! :o))

I've decided that I want my first T-Shirt quilt to be made with all Christian sayings, scriptures or things God commands of us.  I selected a pattern from the book,  "T-Shirts Quilts Made Easy," by Martha Deleonardis called, "Twisted fun."


I read the instructions several times prior to starting, as it is normal for me to do so.  Before I began, I made sure that I started with clean T's.  Because I did not own all of the T's, I washed and dried all of them with a gentle detergent and NO fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Once dried, I turned the T's inside out and lightly pressed the back side of the design so it wouldn't be so wrinkled and would make it easier cut.  At this time I also pressed the coordinating fabrics.  Whenever you press on the front side of any T's shirt, please, please, please use a pressing sheet.  This will prevent the design from rubbing off onto your iron and making a big nasty mess!!!

Then it was time to cut the T's.  This part can be quite tricky.  Because designs are not placed in the center of every T, you have to do some thinking prior to cutting.  I found this out after I got cut happy on my beige T, that had designs on both the back and the front.  Thank goodness, It was the outer edge of the design that was cutoff and not any of the wording!  So, the best way to cut out T is to:
  • Cut off the sleeves
  • Cut through the shoulder seams
  • Cut down the sides of the shirt
  • lastly remove the neck of the shirt.  Now if your design goes higher up, leave the neck on until you got ready to cut out the design. This is done just incase you need that couple of inches extra when cutting out the design.
Next it was time to iron the interfacing to the back of the T's. I used :

I give it TWO THUMBS UP!!!  It was very easy to use, I was tempted to get the sheerweight due, but I resisted and followed the recommendation of Martha Deleonardis.

Then I used my 12.5 square ruler to cut out the designs on each T-Shirt.


From my printed coordinating fabrics, I cut (2) 4.5 x WOF strips, then subcut them into (2) 4.5 x 12.5 rectangles and (2) 4.5 X 20.5 rectangles.  


Pick a side, any side to start working, either right/left or top/bottom.  I chose for the short strips to be on the right and left sides of the T-Shirt design blocks.  I chained pieced all of them accordingly.  Then I pressed the seams to the side.


Then I chained pieced the longer strips to the top and bottom of the T-shirt design blocks. Again, I pressed the seams to the side.

I then arranged the blocks that were pleasing to my eye...actually I received help from the GnomeAngel and Beth Shamblin.  Many others chimed in, via social media, saying that it good - so, I stopped making changes once I found a pattern that made we smile. 

Now for the twist!  I took every other block and placed them into two separate piles.  The first pile I took and twisted all blocks to the right.  Then the second pile, I took and twisted all blocks to the left.  For twisting I used my new Creative Grid 16.5" Sq ruler, I - so - love - this - ruler!!!

Now that all of the cutting is done, it is time to piece the blocks together.  I stitched all 4 rows together and then I connected the rows to one another as you would any other quilt top.

Lastly, I added the inner and outer borders.  Viola T-Shirt Quilt top is now complete! 
I am currently waiting on the backing fabric to come.  I have yet to pick out a panto or a free motion design for this quilt.  So wish me luck!

Now for my exciting news... I am doing my first giveaway, yep you read that correctly, my first giveaway!!!  It took me awhile before I could find my first prize.  Of course, you will always want to give something you wouldn't mind receiving.  SOOOO, with that being said my first prize will be from one of my favorite quilt shops, MSQC, and it's the:

Hang It Dang It, 21" to 35"

The give away will open sometime on September 20th-23rd and the drawing will be on September 27th, my birthday!  Yes, I'm giving someone a gift on my birthday...a blessing I am, so a blessing I will be!!!


  1. Love your podcast and blog! I'm in NC also!

    1. Thank you KatKing!!! Are you in Eastern NC?