Sunday, August 25, 2013


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Hey Guys...

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I finished the Valentine's Day quilt

Working on Ava and my learning to be content in my sewing room

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Friday, August 16, 2013


This is just a short video of me panto-ing the Valentine's Day Quilt with Bluster by Lorien Quilting.


I have stayed away far, far too long...

I have been busy, but most of the reason is life and recovery.  So, I will just jump right on in...

First, I want to thank everyone that took the time to pray for me before, during and after my surgery!!!  It was a slow go at first but now I am mending quite well.  Actually, well enough for me to start back exercising slowly.  If my heart tolerates it, I will be able to resume my regular work outs.   Back in November I was having shortness of breathe, extreme dizziness and fatigue.  They found a small mass in my heart, non-life threatening. Shortly after they found the mass, I started hemorrhaging (not related to heart problem.)    I'm hoping all of these symptoms have gone away now for good!  Sooo, operation 8/10 here I come!!!

My family - they are all doing well.  Kiddies are enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer break.  Aug 26 is the first day of school and I am waiting at the front door!!!  All bills will start to decline:  Food, water, and electric!!!  Hallelujah!!!  My hubby is working hard as usual.

My boss is going through another round of chemo.  He is still very weak and tired most of the time.  He is still working with a lot of assistance.  Hopefully there will be some changes after this round is over.

Now unto my favorite part, QUILTING:

I've worked on Twisted Wreath by Rose Pohlar.  How cute is this?  It went from this:

To this:

And finally this:

I've shared a review of this pattern during my last podcast episode.  A picture was not posted at that time.  I call her, "Twisted Glory".

I am also working on my second pantograph, called Bluster by Lorien Quilting.

It's more swirly than the last panto I did called, Celtic Braid.    Bluster will be pantographed onto this Valentine's Day quilt:

I am still loving the process of panto-ing.  I can tell that I am getting more confident as time go by even when I don't follow the lines exactly!  My biggest problem right now is probably my floor.  I have a hardwood floor and my table vibrates so badly!  When we move, I'm hoping the new floor is a least carpeted.   well, I am almost done with this quilt, once done and photographed,  I get to bind her - machine bind that is!!!

My next quilt will be a T-shirt quilt. I have 16 Christian T's right now.  I want to get 4 more, so that it would be a nice size throw quilt.  I look forward to talking with you guys about the process of this quilt and especially the quilting of it!

Well, this is it for now.  I hope to resume my blogging schedule next week.