Sunday, July 21, 2013

PODCAST: Episode #6

Hi Guys!!!  Get your dancing shoes on...I am working on intro music...Thanks to Quiltmaker, I was given permission to use the music/video to QuiltMaker Shuffle.

You get to hear my girls, they wanted to so badly you get to hear their voices.

Reviews, Stores, Items I like, What I have on Order and What I Am Looking For and of course Shoutouts!!!

Ladies...I just found out how to review messages/comments here on Blogger.  So if I left you out during the shout outs, guess what, you won't be in the next podcast!!! ;o)


  1. Just wanted to send you good thoughts today. Just found your podcast and listened to your latest episode. I know lots of people that have had what you are having and it's a good thing! It will definitely change your life for the better! I was actually scheduled for one but tests showed I have to have the whole thing removed instead.

  2. Stephanie, I love your podcast! I LOVE your accent. Thanks for podcasting.

  3. LOL you got me dancing!Good luck with your surgery, my sister has had similar problems. You'll be in my prayers for a quick recovery.