Monday, June 24, 2013

Working On A Pantograph

Hello, hello, hello!!!
I am finally finished quilting (did not bind yet) the quilt from the last post.  That was a nightmare trying to reload that quilt after removing it from the frame.  I think it was difficult because of how it was already quilted.  Think of a square cut in 4 equal pieces.  Now, think of the top two pieces as well as the bottom right piece all shaded-in (quilted.)  The piece remaining (the bottom left piece) was the part I had to un-stitch and restitch.  NOOOW, do you see my dilemma? Now, I just have to make a label for it and bind it, woohoo!

Up next on Ava, is this cutie!
Quilt top to the left, quilt back to the right
 I want to do a nice and easy edge-to-edge pantograph on it.  I chose a freebie by Urban Elementz called, Celtic Braid.

The above is 3.5", but I had it enlarged to 5.5".

So I have watched this DVD approximately 35+ times. Sorry, but for some reason I could not get this pic to rotate.

Loaded up some practice fabric and turned on some soft gospel music for my first pass:

I am so proud, I did it!  I was listening to some good worship music and just allowed myself to be calm and I felt great.  Once I finished the pass, I was so happy that I danced myself to the point of being to sleepy to do the next pass.  I think maybe it had something to do that it was waaaay past my bedtime!!!  So instead of, "Sleep quilting," I decided to wait to do the next pass.
My second pass didn't come until 2 days later:

Not as good as the first, but I am still very proud.  I realized midway through pass that my music was way too fast which caused me to speed up my movements.  I was jamming to Beyonce's, "Run the World."  I found myself jerking trying to keep myself from busting a move!  So now unto finding some slow jazz and slow gospel to mellow me out to slow groove while I panto!


  1. Lookin good!!! Glad to hear you've had a chance to quilt on Ava again. I had to give up quilting on the vintage 1950 Singer. I discovered she doesn't like to free-motion quilt. She gets hungry and trys to swallow the top tread so I've gone back to using my modern domestic machine. I ordered stencils, workbooks, and a DVD from Pam Clarke Saturday. She wrote the book 'Quilting Inside the Lines'. She is mainly a longarm quilter.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hey Virginia!!! Yes I am using Ava and I am loving her! Too bad about FMQ on your Singer. I remember trying to get my grandma to FMQ on her Singer - It was a nightmare. She had to take her machine in to the shop afterwards because she swore it didn't sew the same after her attempt. She went back to hand quilting and never looked back! I have heard of this book, in fact it is book list. I didn't know she had a DVD out as well. Please keep me posted with the things you are learning from this DVD!

      Be blessed!