Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crawling Back!


That might be my intro for the next couple of post.  It reminds me of a time when life was not so complicated!

I am slowly on the upward slope to improved health. This has been a long ordeal and I can't wait until the day when this is all behind me.

I have yet to sit down and do some piecing.  I actually plan on doing some of that this week, but for now I want to share with you my HQ haul for my Ava girl!

I recently purchased these 5 rulers:
HQ Half Circles

HQ Mini Ruler

HQ Right Angle

HQ Straight Edge Ruler


I have yet to do any ruler work with Ava, in fact I have yet to do any real work with her!  I have been told several times just to get a quilt and quilt it.  I am still a little gun shy about that.  I have a couple of quilts that I made in the very beginning of my quilting journey that I can work on, but even on those quilts, I am terrified! Trust me I an not worried about damaging the quilts at all, I am more concerned about wasting thread!  

I'm still working on the crossword puzzle quilt.  I have decided to work on another project until I can make more progress with the taking and printing of pictures.

I found a pattern on Moda Bake Shop that I have been wanting to make for sometime now. I will get busy shopping for fabric, so I can start the creating process!



  1. Glad to read you are feeling better. I hope you are able to start quilting on Ava soon. I would say, don't worry about wasting thread as it is one of the least expensive items used when quilting. I'm finally back to working on a quilt I started a few years ago when I first started quilting. It's a quilt I designed but I was way over my head. Now that I'm working on it again I realize some of the blocks are not square. Yesterday I cut and sewed 170 flying geese blocks for the final border. I'm still trying to decide what to do about all the center blocks that aren't square. I'm using a 1952 Singer to do the piecing and will use it for all the final quilting.

    1. Hey Virginia,
      I am better, to God be the Glory! I am excited to hear that you are working on a quilt that you designed. 170 F.G. cut and sewn in the same day - my goodness!!! I would love to see this quilt once you have completed it, please share pics. I was watching Bonnie Hunter Quilt Cam the other night and she was using a "Vintage" Singer. I bet they are nice. I was surprised to hear how quiet Bonnie's machine was. That only sparked my interest in one day owning one of this babies myself, but for now I just don't have the space.