Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hi guys!  Here is a quick review and some shout outs!

Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

My First Video!

Well, here it is -My First Video!!!

  I can't wait to do another one! ;o)

True Craziness!

WOW, if feels like I haven't posted in forever!!! 


I really haven't done much quilting in the past couple of weeks.  These past couple of weeks have been a nightmare from torment!  If it wasn't a sick child, it was a sick husband and then my sick boss.  I mean, if I didn't believe in God, I R E A L L Y don't know where I would be today!

Both of my daughters have chronic blood diseases and it is a rough rode especially for the youngest one.  She was in back to back crises, which kept her from school for a couple of days and enjoying her spring break.  She is out of that long crisis and is doing quite well.

My husband had surgery and had a reaction to the medication and his heart rate plummeted and we almost lost him.  I've seen much death due to sickness - we knew ahead of time that they would be passing.  No one, expected this type of drug reaction from this medicine with my husband.  I was terrified!!!  He is sooo much better, but we are struggling to get his surgery site to heal.  Please continue to pray for him!

My boss, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It hurt my heart and I have been struggling to get a grip on this.  I really haven't slept in a couple of weeks and I am worried.  I am worried not for me which is odd, I am worried for my co-workers and mostly because I am worried if my boss knows Christ.  I do know God has not giving us the spirit of fear and I should not worry, so I will keep working and praying that he does or will and leave the rest in His hands.


I said that I haven't quilted much these last couple of weeks and I really haven't.  I did however - MAKE ABOUT A 5 MINUTE VIDEO, YEEAAAH, WOOT WHOOT!!!  I was so nervous and you will hear it.  I was concerned about the sound of my machine, but I have since  found that it was fine.  So my next post will be my video and then a podcast soon to follow.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It Ain't Easy Folks!!!

Yep, I said the word "Ain't!"Does it make me sound uneducated - good, because when it comes to long arm quilting and me - I'M IS!!! (jk, I AM!!!)

Before, "Ava," I was fighting, pushing and smushing a big quilt under my Janome 1600 (even tho pain meds were required afterwards) with my stitches looking decent!  Now, my quilting is purtee ugly!! My mind is racing in so many directions its not even funny.  Where do I begin?  How do I pick a design for the quilt?  All I hear in my head is practice, practice, practice, but practice what?  Stippling/meandoring, I can do, but that's it!  I tried a pantograph and it honestly looked as if I was blindfolded AND driving under the influence.  I was told that it was an easy pattern. I beg to differ!  I know your thinking..."What happened to you grabbing the handlebars and taking control, or what about you being born to long arm, huh?"  I seriously don't know!!!

*Excuse me while I fuss at myself*


*(Whimpering) ok, I'm back!*

I am here to tell ya - If it wasn't for me trying to work on self improving, I declare that, Ava, would be sitting in a dark room collecting dust from this day to the rest of mine!  I refuse to be defeated by her!!!  I have brainstormed and figured out a way to improve on using my her.  As I stated in Episode 3 of my podcast I want to start making videos of me quilting.  The videos will be about 5-10 minutes in length and will be published on the 3rd weekend of each month.  I want to share with you the designs that I am working on and especially the ones I need practice on.  In doing so, I hope to inspire others who are new to long arm quilting to not give up and maybe, just maybe an experienced long armer will see the videos and make suggestions that would assist us in making our long arming experience less challenging.

But in the meantime, isn't darling?

My very first Pin Cushion Thread Catcher.  I don't think I will be making another one anytime soon!  Also, I'm still taking pics for the crossword puzzle quilt.  Hopefully, in a month or so the top will be complete.

So, what are you working on today?