Thursday, March 28, 2013


In today's podcast I am talking about 3 different makeovers, a truck sale and a book.  You will also notice that I have a city girl/country girl accent.  Please be forewarned when I get excited (and you can tell), sometimes my words don't all come out right or clear, or I might speak to fast, and you will get A LOT of slang.  I will work better in that area, but for now it is the raw, uncut me! ;0)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm Bloglovin'!!!

Hi Guys!!!

Sometimes it's hard being the newest kid on the block.  I am joining in on some Bloglovin' to give some blog love and hopefully meet new friends along the way!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

She Has Arrived!!!

Hi guys!

I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of our home, "Ava!"

It took us two evenings to put her together (B'cuz DH had to work).  My, she is a big girl and she is fitting cozily into her new space. Because of her size I had to let go of somethings, one thing being my cutting table. Until I can get the one that folds from Joann's I will have to use our kitchen table for cutting and small projects.  I do know this for certain, I am getting an abdominal workout!  I have to squeeze and step, squeeze and step in order to get to the back side of the frame!

I had a chance to briefly play with her this evening, she was running rough at first, put now is making a clanking sound.  I think it is a tension or bobbin issue, that I hope to fix tomorrow.  

I will post pics of my room/studio once the transformation is complete.  I should have everything by the end of May. 

I am currently working on a crossword puzzle quilt and on a pin cushion thread catcher.  Pattern here for the pin cushion thread catcher.   I think this will be my next pattern review.

Please watch for my next podcast, coming soon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog Makeover and Handi Quilter Truck Sale


I got a new look, like it?
 I -LOVE- IT!!!
Thanks to Lindsay Gilbert of happypotamusdesigns!
 Lindsay is very friendly, easy and a joy to work with. Her prices are so reasonable and really affordable.  EVERYTHING I asked for in the design - she delivered! I especially love my character, isn't she a cutie!!! ;o)  You will soon see her anywhere and everywhere I can put her on my social networks.  Lindsay has great listening and customer service skills, it was evident when she responded to everyone of my questions and concerns - immediately. If you need references prior to making a decision, look at her portfolio and then click on any blog design and ALL of the owners will tell you how much they love their new look!!!  So, if you are in the market for a new blog design, please check out Lindsay at happypotamusdesigns.

In my new blog design you will notice there is a long arm quilting machine.  If you were to step in my home at this moment, you will not see one here.  But if you come on March 18th, one will be delivered to me via UPS!!!  On this past Saturday, the family and I went to see Susan Harris of Quilt Lizzy in Warrenton, NC because she was having a Handi Quilter Truck Sale.

This is my new favorite NC quilt shop!!!  Even my husband was impressed with her shop and he is not a quilter! He knew I was longing to find a quilt shop like the ones back home (Milwaukee, WI) and I finally found it. Susan and I spoke several times on the phone and let me tell you, it was like when I first met instant friendship formed!  We were welcomed with a warm and sincere hello and everyone one of her staff members spoke to us in the shop.  I was on cloud nine from the moment I entered and was made to feel that our presence was something special.  She knew we drove 2 hours to see her, her shop, and the Avante. Susan made it a point to get me started working with the Avante immediately.  I'm not sure if the beeline I made over to it had anything to do with it!  :o)   She had a checklist and she was in no hurry going down through each and everyone of the points.  I mean we went through everything!!!   My family don't share the same passion for quilting as I do, so 5 minutes into walking in the shop, my hubby whispered in my ear saying, "The girls are bored and we are going back to the van to watch movies."  I had the best time! After 2 1/2 hours of playing, shopping and ordering my Avante, my friend Dawn arrived and ordered her a table for HQ16.  We are floating above the ground, I tell you!!!  I will tell you more when she arrives. :o)

Life as I know it is about to change, I can only pray it will be for the better!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013


In today's podcast I will share with you a review and tell you about a beginner's long arm quilting class I took and my thoughts about owning a long arm system one day! ;o)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Long Arm Quilting Class

Yesterday was such a busy day and it is still leaving me dazed.  I have been stressing to my hubby how much I would like to be the owner of the Handi Quilter Avante.  It all started when I went to quilt the Breast Cancer Quilt with Dawn on her Handi Quilter Sixteen.  I was hooked and haven't stop talking about it since.


I wanted to rent time on the Avante, prior to purchasing it.  Therefore, I had to take a beginner's long arm class.  I was glad that I could get the class when it was more convenient for me.  I found out later that Saturday's are not good rental days due to her not always being available.  I was not happy because this is the only day I am available and I live 1 1/2 hrs away.

Anyway, first we watched an hour long video on thread.  It was very informative, but I had already watched it on YouTube several times.  This time, I took notes and enjoyed watching it again.  Then we  loaded a quilt on the frame in between customers walking in and needing to be served.   I still don't know how to load the quilt on the frame.  ;o(  I was told, that when I come to rent, that she would be there to assist me, foo-we!

The rest of our time was spent doing some FMQ'ing, quilting with pantographs paper using the laser light, and talking about most of the accessories.

I knew I would not walk away from the class quilting like a pro or even half way decently.  To be honest, all of our samples were pretty horrible.  I feel once you are home or in a comfortable environment, the outcome is much different because you are relaxed.  I did expect to leave knowing the parts of the machine and how each part worked or at least how to thread the machine.  I know these machines don't differ much from sewing machines, but still it should have been addressed.  If I would have walked away learning the features on each machine...I would have been more happy.  I had to revert back to Internet/Youtube to learn about the features of the Avante.

So, I can't wait to get my machine and then I will be able to sit and play with it as much as I want.  I was glad I took the class, but it was a waste of money and not worth the $150.00 it cost.

Have anyone else taking a class prior to renting a LAQM?  Please share your experience.

Until next time, I hope you'll be Blessed 2 Quilt today!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review: Sophie Car Seat Quilt

I found this pattern on Moda Bake Shop website.  Again, this is the pattern that made me realize that if I'd snooze I'll lose!  I had the *Picture this - lights from the heavens and angels singing, "Hallelujah!"* moment!  This pattern made me realize that I had lost out on an opportunity to design such a beautiful quilt, but now at least I can be a Pattern Reviewer of it.

I am a self appointed Pattern Reviewer.  I believe I have this right, because I have purchased either the pattern, kit or magazine.  I am not here to degrade or discredit anyone, but I will be honest about my opinions and reviews.  I just want to give other quilters more of an insight on some of the patterns that are available to us.

I will use 1 - 5 STARS system.

With all that being said, I am ready to review Jenny of Clover and Violet.

Link:  Sophie Car Seat Quilt  

I found this pattern to be quick and easy.  I made two of these quilts.  The first one I made according to the pattern and the other one I did the same pattern, but tweaked it just a bit.  Both quilts took about the same time to make.  The hardest part to this pattern was aligning the sashing strips.  This was the most confusing part of the pattern.  Because I had not worked with many quilts that had sashings that needed to be aligned,  the provided pics were such a great help!  I think Jenny knew that this part could be a little tricky for beginners, because she offered to those that might run into a problem a way of contacting her.  Which I thought was very kind of her!

I'm glad I found this pattern and I would recommend it to anyone at any quilting level.

If you had not been to her blog, you are truly missing out!  I have been inspired to make more of these quilts and more of the projects on their site.

Jenny, thank you for making and sharing such a wonderful quilt!

Rating:  I give the pattern Sophie Car Seat Quilt a 4.5 out 5.

In the upcoming podcast I go more in depth in the process of making this quilt.

(I know I have to get better photo equipment, it's on the list after my longarm!!!)

Until the next time, I pray that you"ll be Blessed 2 Quilt today!


Friday, March 1, 2013


Well, I know I'm new to the scene and all, but I wanted to hit the ground running as fast I possible could.  I wanted a way to meet, virtually meet and have fun quilting and at the same time sharing bits and pieces of my life.  So what better platform could I use, non other than a PODCAST!!!

I have yet to find some cool music and work on my exit segment, so until I can figure out how to do this, it just me you'll here!

I hope you all enjoy it and that you'll be Blessed 2 Quilt today!