Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilts and Friends

 This past Saturday and Sunday I worked on 5 self-binding receiving blankets.  I followed the instructions of Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube Tutorial.  I have spoken to Jenny, Jackie and Natalie several times over at MSQC and they all have been extremely pleasant and fun to speak with.  I have called several times with questions regarding their tutorials, if they didn't know the answer right then, before we hung up I was on the phone with a person who did!  Folks, this what I call customer service!!!;o)

I would also like to boast about 2 quilters here in NC that are not only my friends but great resources for EVERY quilter.  First up is Lori R who blogs at Talk is Cheap Quilts.  After I moved here to NC, Lori was the first quilter that I met.  She is the owner of Cotton Fields Quilt Shop in Washington, NC.  She truly is a wealth of knowledge, a GREAT quilter and a SUPER teacher!!!  Lori has showed me nothing but love and support ever since I have know her.  I have taken several classes in Lori's shop...what a great time we all had!  Here is a pic from her one of her Beginner's Quilt Class.

Please go and show her some love over at her shop and blog!!!  

I was in Cotton Fields Quilt Shop explaining my dilemma (With the breast cancer quilt from my last post) to Lori.  I shared with her how I under priced the quilt and how I wanted to start quilting for others. I wanted to initially send the quilt to a long arm quilter just to get it done, but after doing some price shopping, it was clear that I had to quilt it myself!  

After I finished shopping and talking, Lori happened to think of someone who could teach me the ropes of quilting for others per se.  That someone was Dawn Hendrix.  I was kind of hesitant SCARED to call her, but I snapped out of that being "Shy roll," real quick!   I have "Shied" my way out of too many blessings I thought to myself and this would not be another one!!!  I called her and we clicked like PB&J :o).  

Dawn just so happens to be a Long Arm Quilter.  About a year ago I SO BADILY wanted the HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down, but that quickly changed after spending the day with Dawn.  Before I knew it I was meandering the breast cancer quilt on her long arm.  I truly can't express how I felt, but I can say this, it was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.  I felt that it was my calling or that I was born to long arm.  Now, I am not saying that I am in a league with Dawn, Lori or any of my other quilting idols (Melissa, Natalia, NicoleJudi, Leah and Amanda Jean), I am just saying ONE DAY I WILL BE!  So with that said, HQ Avante here I come!

Well this is enough for today,  I pray that you all will be Blessed 2 Quilt today!



  1. Stephanie, thank you so much for the kind words! I am glad that we have become friends and very glad that you think that I have helped you. Keep up the good work!!! Lori R.

  2. Lori,

    Thank you!!! Having you as a quilting buddy has been a blast!!!