Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Blog Calling

Have you ever had a thought or an idea about something and decided NOT to put it into existence?  Huh uh, me too!  I can just kick myself in the butt sometimes.  Well about 16 years ago, after the birth of my second son, I thought of a way to keep from always picking up his blanket off of the floor.  I simply added ties to his receiving blankets.  I was new to quilting and thought of how wonderful it would be to make a quilt with ties to go on the car seat.  I did not put pen to paper and NEVER DID IT!  

My jaw dropped wide open one day when I was over on Moda Bake Shop blog and to what does mine eyes see...a recipe for a car seat quilt!!!  I was sick and felt almost betrayed by God.  Then the realization hit me...it was mine for the taking and I didn't take it!  Another missed blessing.  The nausea went away, but as I was reading through the recipe, I found myself with a strange excitement and before I knew it I had made 2 of them!!!  Thanks to Jenny over at Clover and Violet, I found out where I want to take this blog.  I am by nature not a designer (I don't think?!?).    When I see a pattern I like, I want to make them, tweak to my liking it necessary, and share my thoughts along the way - almost like giving the pattern a review.  I learned this from watching YouTube videos from MUA (Make Up Artist).  They give reviews of products out on the market.  So I want to bring it to quilting.  

So with that being said...Next week, Jenny, you will be up first!!! 

Until then, I pray that you all will be Blessed 2 Quilt today!



  1. Hey there, it is 6:30 in the morning, and I just discovered your podcast and blog. I listened to episode 2 first, and am now listening to episode 1 -- AND I LOVE IT!!! Once I can remember how to do it, I will leave a Itunes review.

    I love your style, I love your laughs and and how happy you are while you are recording. It's perfectly ok to ramble on, I love to hear about your life and who you are. It makes you more real to me.

    Hey, now I am on episode 3, btw...I wanted to let you know I think I heard about your podcast from Sandy who had the Quilting for the Rest of Us Podcast.

    I love the adorable heading on this blog. The character REALLY captures your personality! I haven't completely fallen in love with a podcast and podcaster as fast as I have just fallen in love with you! Take that in the right way please.

    Anyway, even though you are a beginner, your podcast is professional, has great sound, and personable. I hope you NEVER podfade....I have kinda blog-faded too, but you are inspiring me to pick up my blog again.

    Oh, and hunny I am totally with you on the customer service thing. I have worked in retail, mostly pharmacy for the past 30 years. In some ways I am likely to give someone more of the benefit of the doubt, but hey, if I give someone another chance or two, and I don't get good customer service, then I am DONE. If someone can't be at least basically pleasant to their customers, then I am NOT giving them my business. ESPECIALLY if they are trying to sell me something expensive like a long arm machine.

    I am SOOO happy for you getting your Avante!! Someday I hope to be so blessed as you are. Thank you for giving me a peep into your life. I hope we get to be friends. Now please forgive me if I am slow at responding to emails, I am trying to get better, but I am not that good at it now.

    Have a blessed day! God Bless, Fran

  2. I love that you name your machines. My featherweight, who was born between July 1st and July 9th 1941. I like to say that she was born on July 8th, which was my mom's birthday (in 1926). I named her Betty Jean, after my mother, because she was my mother's machine. Her and my dad got her at an auction, in 1971, for five dollars, yes that is $5.00, a fiver, five bucks, no extra zeros. My mother gave her to me and I will NEVER sell her.

    My workhorse machine is my Viking 150E, which I got in 1989 when I was pregnant with our first son, and that machine will sew through anything. Her name is Virginia.

    Recently I found a 2005 Kenmore, which was made by Janome, in a thrift shop, for 15.00. Since she uses normal low shank feet, which is nice. The only complaint about my Viking, is it uses propitiatory feet, and they are EXPENSIVE.

    So originally I gave Kelly, the Kenmore/Janome to my niece as a wedding present, cleaned and oiled her and printed an instruction manual. About a year later, I found it in her garage, covered in filth, and she had completely dismantled the bobbin race to try and thread the bobbin. REALLY?

    I took her back home with me to repair and clean her again. I got her cleaned and re-oiled, but the bobbin race was frustrating me,so she sat (in a clean place) for over a year. About a month ago, I got her out again. A bell went off and I realized I had been putting it in backwards, so I fixed it and she sews like a dream. My Niece will get her back once I teach her to sew and take proper care of a machine. Until then, I am using her to give Virginia a break, since she is 24 years old. Also, I can use my regular low shank attachments on this machine, which is really nice.

    My latest find was a Singer Quantum LE SX, which is a 99 stitch computerized sewing machine. She does stitches my other machines done do, like fancy stitches, feather stitches and monogramming. I got her for 15 dollars, although she was marked 30 dollars at a thrift shop. I talked them down because she didn't have her foot control or cord, and they didn't take returns, so it was a risk.

    So I get her home and find that a new foot control is 100 bucks. NO WAY! So I did some research, and found out which other machines used the same foot control. I found one on Ebay forl 15 dollars on Yay!! Now I am waiting with excitedly, for the foot control to come! Then I will still have a nice machine that uses low shank attachments if my niece decides she really wants to sew -- rather than just have me do it for her...grin.

    BTW....I also totally understand the fatigue thing. You might go to the doctor and have your bloodwork done, like thyroid, and especially vitamin D levels, red blood cell count, and a few other things that can cause fatigue. I also had a sleep study, and found I have sleep apnea. Now I am not great at using my cpap machine, but I am getting a new mask, and am determined to use it. When I do, it makes a HUGE difference in my energy. So does the vitamin D, since my level is low. Most people's levels are low. So check it out.

    I hope I'm not boring you, Fran

    PS I feel the same way, like I really am getting to know you, which I love. I am on episode 4, and I am keeping your husband and family in my prayers. I will be catching up on reading your blog starting about now.