Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Blog Calling

Have you ever had a thought or an idea about something and decided NOT to put it into existence?  Huh uh, me too!  I can just kick myself in the butt sometimes.  Well about 16 years ago, after the birth of my second son, I thought of a way to keep from always picking up his blanket off of the floor.  I simply added ties to his receiving blankets.  I was new to quilting and thought of how wonderful it would be to make a quilt with ties to go on the car seat.  I did not put pen to paper and NEVER DID IT!  

My jaw dropped wide open one day when I was over on Moda Bake Shop blog and to what does mine eyes see...a recipe for a car seat quilt!!!  I was sick and felt almost betrayed by God.  Then the realization hit me...it was mine for the taking and I didn't take it!  Another missed blessing.  The nausea went away, but as I was reading through the recipe, I found myself with a strange excitement and before I knew it I had made 2 of them!!!  Thanks to Jenny over at Clover and Violet, I found out where I want to take this blog.  I am by nature not a designer (I don't think?!?).    When I see a pattern I like, I want to make them, tweak to my liking it necessary, and share my thoughts along the way - almost like giving the pattern a review.  I learned this from watching YouTube videos from MUA (Make Up Artist).  They give reviews of products out on the market.  So I want to bring it to quilting.  

So with that being said...Next week, Jenny, you will be up first!!! 

Until then, I pray that you all will be Blessed 2 Quilt today!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilts and Friends

 This past Saturday and Sunday I worked on 5 self-binding receiving blankets.  I followed the instructions of Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube Tutorial.  I have spoken to Jenny, Jackie and Natalie several times over at MSQC and they all have been extremely pleasant and fun to speak with.  I have called several times with questions regarding their tutorials, if they didn't know the answer right then, before we hung up I was on the phone with a person who did!  Folks, this what I call customer service!!!;o)

I would also like to boast about 2 quilters here in NC that are not only my friends but great resources for EVERY quilter.  First up is Lori R who blogs at Talk is Cheap Quilts.  After I moved here to NC, Lori was the first quilter that I met.  She is the owner of Cotton Fields Quilt Shop in Washington, NC.  She truly is a wealth of knowledge, a GREAT quilter and a SUPER teacher!!!  Lori has showed me nothing but love and support ever since I have know her.  I have taken several classes in Lori's shop...what a great time we all had!  Here is a pic from her one of her Beginner's Quilt Class.

Please go and show her some love over at her shop and blog!!!  

I was in Cotton Fields Quilt Shop explaining my dilemma (With the breast cancer quilt from my last post) to Lori.  I shared with her how I under priced the quilt and how I wanted to start quilting for others. I wanted to initially send the quilt to a long arm quilter just to get it done, but after doing some price shopping, it was clear that I had to quilt it myself!  

After I finished shopping and talking, Lori happened to think of someone who could teach me the ropes of quilting for others per se.  That someone was Dawn Hendrix.  I was kind of hesitant SCARED to call her, but I snapped out of that being "Shy roll," real quick!   I have "Shied" my way out of too many blessings I thought to myself and this would not be another one!!!  I called her and we clicked like PB&J :o).  

Dawn just so happens to be a Long Arm Quilter.  About a year ago I SO BADILY wanted the HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down, but that quickly changed after spending the day with Dawn.  Before I knew it I was meandering the breast cancer quilt on her long arm.  I truly can't express how I felt, but I can say this, it was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.  I felt that it was my calling or that I was born to long arm.  Now, I am not saying that I am in a league with Dawn, Lori or any of my other quilting idols (Melissa, Natalia, NicoleJudi, Leah and Amanda Jean), I am just saying ONE DAY I WILL BE!  So with that said, HQ Avante here I come!

Well this is enough for today,  I pray that you all will be Blessed 2 Quilt today!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again!

Never in my life did I think that one day I would be quoting Britany Spears!  Yes, I did it again...disappeared for far too long.  When I first decided to write a blog I didn't take into consideration what it would all encompass and I certainly didn't think of how I was going to balance it, my home, my job, my family, quilting and even some personal time.  Because I hadn't thought it through completely I failed in MANY areas of my life.  I am not saying the blog caused my problems, I caused them!!!  Well, I am slowly starting to turn the scraps into lemonade, lol ;o).  I can't began to tell you about the roller coaster of life I had been on since my last post, but as I write my future post and a memory comes to mind that I find blog-able, I will certainly share it.

So with that being said, let's get down to what's happening now!!!

I sold my first quilt on last Friday (Pic below).  One of our patients decided to surprise his wife on Valentine's Day with a quilt.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  He wanted a quilt to reflect this and to honor her.  What better way to show his support than with the "Woven Ribbon" quilt.  This quilt was featured in the Quilter Magazine in 2007. 

Well, this is enough for now.  In my next post, I will be talking about two great local quilters and what I am currently working on!  I will try my best to keep my post short and weekly.

Until then, I pray that you all will be Blessed 2 Quilt today!