Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time just slipped away from me...

Boy, how time has been slipping away from me!  I have been so consumed with day to day tasks, that I really hadn't had time to blog.  When I do get time, I try to sit at my machines and actually quilt or piece.  Well, let me catch you up:

  • The quilt that was made for my Bishop was delivered in January and she sent me a text saying, "I have no words for how you have blessed me!  I cried - I don't know what to say!!!  Thank you and know that I love you."  I feel honored and she sealed my fate - I A QUILTER, HEAR MY ROAR!!! :o)  To God be the glory, her doctor informed her last week that she was in remission!!!  I am so happy for her.
  • I have basted 2 quilts
  • I finally finished the stacked coins quilt
  • Went looking and played on the HQ16, loved it!!!  I want to do it a couple of more times.  I can see definitely see this in my future (Next year!)
  • planning Gotcha party for the girls in April.  That is going to be a tuff month, we got our 3 year wedding anniversary, daughters bday, and several step shows.
  • My son's step won 1st place at Disney Classic Step National Competition!!! 
  • Husband and I are considering more children.
  • Girl scout cookie madness, I have a Daisy Scout and a Brownie Scout.  Both troops did a wonderful job trying to sell cookies!
I think that is it.  Sorry no pics, I just wanted to get a quick post in while I had the time!

Until next time,

Have a Quiltabulous day!


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