Thursday, August 11, 2011

Promised Pics

Hello all!  I pray that everyone is doing well today.  Today is my DH birthday, so it is a great day!!!  He is truly my best friend and the love of my life...I can only pray that he will have plenty more in the future, Lord willing!

I have a couple of pics that I would like to share with you.  The first pics is of my babies (I am glad they don't read my blog yet - they hate to be called babies!)  Not the best pic quality...I ordered this camera from QVC...testing it out, not liking it so far!

(The Loves of my life!)

I decided to give my quilting room it's own page! 

This was the last quilt top and back I made prior to giving my quilting room a make-over, it is currently waiting to get quilted.  I used crazymomquilts tutorial to make this quilt.  Thank you AmandaJean for a wonderful tutorial!

 This is the quilt back.  "Pure" Collection.

Stacked coins...I used the "Pure" collection.  (For some reason, I could not get this pic to rotate!)

 In all of this blogging and getting things accomplished I think I feel happy!?!  I went to search the bible for the kind of joy and happiness I was feeling.  I would have to say Psalms 97:11 (CEV) "If you obey and do right, a light will show you the way and fill you with happiness," fits perfectly!  In all that has happened within the last several months, I wanted to continue to stress to God that I love Him, trust Him and that I want to obey Him.  As much as I would like to say I succeeded in every area, I can't!!!  I had my "O, ye of little faith,"  moments. I fell down and got right back up because I know God is bigger than any situation and He can bring me through them all!  Even through losing my baby brother - I see the light and I am filled with happiness!

God bless and have a quiltabulous day!

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