Monday, August 8, 2011


My goodness, I have been away from you all for quite some time.  I have much to share, so let me jump right into it!

I will go in the order of sadness to HAPPINESS!  On last week Tuesday, my brother was killed in a "unique collision" the newspaper read.  He was trying to avoid his twins car from rolling in the ditch and lost his footing and was pinned.  I pray that from the time of the incident to the time he was found, that God came to him and spoke with him and reassured him of his final resting place.  He was only 17 and I miss my baby brother something aweful!  During this time, God's gift of peace and comfort has been bestowed upon me and my family as well as all of the prayers, cards, calls and hugs that I had received from friends, family and even strangers.  Richard may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.  It is hard right now, but the bible says in Psalms 30:5 that "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning."

    <3<3 <3  Richard, I love you and will always miss you, R.I.P.! <3<3<3

If you had read "Pieces of Me", you would have known that we have a Shih Tzu mixed dog.  He's partially blind and deaf, I think it's called selective hearing!  WELL, our family had to make a tough decision in finding him a new home where there would be people around him at all times because he was becoming very unruly and more stubborn.  We also decided that we really wanted children and that kind of behavior could cause us to miss out on getting them.  We found him a good home and he enjoys being the center of his new owners attention!  Tyler is truly missed and will always be a piece of my heart.

I  have gotten so many great tips on free-motion quilting from many of you bloggers and the you tube tutorial videos.  I am so grateful to the many quilters who have decided to share this wonderful gift of quilting with me at no charge.  I must build up my confidence more and that I must practice each day in order to prepare for what I believe God has planned for me! 

My quilting room is almost complete, it's only missing the crown moulding and blinds (they will come later).  I hope to take pics this weekend so that you may share in the happiness that I feel each time I walk into the room.

My son, A'Jay now has his learners permit!  Let me know if you are in the area and I will make sure that the roads are safe! :o)

Last but not least, As of April 1st, we had two little girls (Jordan and Cameron) placed in our custody.  We had met them before in late February and again in early March.  I fell in love with them at first sight, so did my hubby and son.  We quickly started the adoption process and as of June 30th we are parents to 3 smart and funny children!!! To God be the glory!

If I could sum up my life in the past several months in a scripture...It would be Ecclesiastes 3.  Time has taken from me and it has also given unto me. Time has given me tears, laughter and a dance. Time has given me a chance to speak and to keep silence.  I have learned that everything has a purpose and that God has made everything beautiful in his time!  My life has been pulled and pushed, but my life has been purposed for this season and it is beautiful and whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever!

Be Blessed and have a quiltabulous day!

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